Our Mission & Values

At the heart of what makes Lee Abbey London different

Lee Abbey London is staffed by a residential community of Christians from around the world. As we live and work together and choose to live out our faith openly, we aim to “communicate Christ through relationships.”

Our lifestyle as a Community focuses on the following areas:

  • Daily corporate worship and prayer
  • Hospitality to students and guests
  • Discipleship of Community members
  • Friendship evangelism and living “missionally”

We choose to affirm and support Lee Abbey London’s purpose and promise to live by our shared values:


To nurture and equip our Christian community to serve others and show God’s love and acceptance to our guests through our lifestyle, words and actions.

Our Community Values

LOVE – To love God and love others
We choose to keep Christ at the centre of all that we do; loving God and loving others the way Christ loves us.

FAITH – To live with the belief that with God nothing is impossible
We choose to believe that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

DISCIPLESHIP – To grow in God and be empowered for life and ministry
We choose to engage with God’s Kingdom as a kingdom of power, not just words and to keep our spiritual passion alive, growing deeper in relationship with Jesus.

HOSPITALITY – To reveal God’s kindness through serving others with excellence
We choose to be God’s welcome serving others as Christ himself came to serve.

FUN – To live adventurously
We choose to have a spirit of adventure, not to take ourselves too seriously and create opportunities for fun.

THANKFULNESS – To have an attitude of gratitude
We choose to be thankful to God for all we have and to look for ways to express thankfulness to others.

GENEROSITY – To reflect God’s heart for giving
We choose to have a generous heart and demonstrate this to others.

HONESTY – To live openly and honestly
We choose to live with integrity and honesty before God and others. 

RESPECT – To honour others
We choose to treat others with respect by refusing to gossip, judge or criticise.

FORGIVENESS – To always seek reconciliation
We choose to always forgive others just as we ourselves have been forgiven by Christ.

Lee Abbey London is committed to promoting diversity and equality in our residence. Download the Equality and Diversity Policy for Residents