Our mission and values

At the heart of what makes Lee Abbey London different

Lee Abbey London is staffed by a residential community of Christians from around the world. Our community is part of the wider Lee Abbey Movement, whose mission is to “communicate Christ through relationships.”

Our mission

Communicating Christ through relationships

  1. The advancement of the Christian faith worldwide through the ministry of residential vocational communities of Christians who live, worship, pray, serve and work together
  2. It is the role of the vocational Christian community to “communicate the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ” in all our actions, work and service
  3. To promote education and support those in education
  4. Furtherance of the welfare of students and their families through practical hospitality
  5. The establishment and management of houses and hostels (halls of residence) for students

Our vision and purpose

  1. We seek to nurture and equip members of this residential Christian community for the purpose of sharing the Gospel (advancing the Christian faith) and making disciples of Jesus; and sharing God’s love and welcome with international students through our work, lifestyle, words and actions. This means:
    • a willingness to share your own story of your encounter with Jesus and how being a follower of Jesus has changed your life,
    • a willingness to engage in “friendship evangelism” with the students in this house,
    • a willingness to explore your own spiritual gifts and learn how to operate in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit,
    • a willingness to prioritise your own discipleship and spiritual growth,
    • a willingness to participate in events, outreach programmes, Alpha courses etc in pursuit of these aims.
    • A willingness to pray out loud in English.
  2. We seek to live a shared vocational lifestyle in a residential Christian community that demonstrates the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ. This requires Charity Workers to participate in a shared rhythm of daily prayer, worship, service, outreach and work, following the Lee Abbey community “promises”.
  3. We desire to see Lee Abbey London as a place where God’s Kingdom is present here and now and where lives are changed through an encounter with Jesus.
  4. We seek to promote education and support students in their pursuit of further education.
  5. We seek to support and advance the welfare of students through practical hospitality.
    • We seek to manage and operate this hall of residence for international students as an expression of God’s love to international students and any other guests whom we serve. This requires Charity Workers to engage in practical work to keep this hall of residence operating with kindness and excellence, as this forms an essential part of our ministry.

Our values

Our core values are summed up in three words, LOVE, SERVICE and RESPECT:


We love God and others, keeping Christ at the centre of our lives and trusting that all things are possible in His strength.  We make it a priority to keep our spiritual passion alive and to grow deeper in relationship with God.


We aim to reveal God’s kindness and generosity through working with, and serving others with excellence.  We choose to extend God’s welcome to whoever we meet, to show our spirit of adventure, love of life and thankfulness.


We honour others by living with integrity, in an open and honest way. We don’t gossip, criticise or judge.  Instead, we choose to forgive and seek to be reconciled, just as we have been forgiven by Christ.

Things that are important to us


To love God and love others


To live with the belief that with God nothing is impossible


To grow in God and be empowered for life and ministry


To reveal God’s kindness through serving others with excellence


To live adventurously


To have an attitude of gratitude


To reflect God’s heart for giving


To live openly and honestly 


To honour others


To always seek reconciliation

Equality and diversity

Lee Abbey London is committed to promoting diversity and equality in our residence. Download the Equality and Diversity Policy for Residents