Growing in Christian faith together

Helping you to grow your faith to the fullest

If you are accepted to join the Lee Abbey London Christian Community, you will find that we are committed to help you grow in faith and character. The Holy Spirit is at work in all of us as we live, love and serve God in Community together. 

All our team members are asked to fully commit themselves to communicate Christ through relationships. We gather together, eat together and learn from one another. We make community promises before God and one another. God has brought us together in this place, at this time, to use our gifts and talents to love and serve others in what is our home from home.  

We will endeavour to help you do this through: 

  • Your participation in the daily rhythm of worship, bible devotion and prayer. Mentoring is available to all team members to help equip you to lead these times together.  
  • Gathering as community for communion every Wednesday which is followed by “LALSOM”, Lee Abbey School of Ministry for a time of discipleship. This is often a short talk or video followed by discussion groups.  

Over the course of the year, we cover topics on relational Mission, living in Community and our community promises, Bible Study, core Christian beliefs and Prayer. 

  • Christian service, through the rhythm of work. Here you will find that your character is formed. As you work you will find that your relationships with other team members will grow stronger. 
  • Assisting you as you organise social events where students, guests and team members can have fun and get to know one another. 
  • Church invites; everyone on our team is encouraged to get involved in a local church and there is a great choice of churches to go to locally. This provides an opportunity to invite student residents to join you and experience Church on Sundays.  

 Lee Abbey London is a rich environment for learning from others as we come from many different types of church and many different nations. It is a place where the Holy Spirit is at work, both in us and through us.  

 Is God calling you to join our community team?