Being a Christian community

Lee Abbey London is a Christian charity, but what makes us different is that residents and volunteers from many traditions and backgrounds live as a community.

We are a community of Christians who seek to ‘communicate Christ through relationships’ in our work, worship and lifestyle.

The Lee Abbey London community consists of about 30 people. We serve and provide hospitality to approximately 170 international students who live here with us. Our lifestyle as a community focuses on four key areas:

  • Daily corporate worship and prayer
  • Hospitality to students and guests
  • Discipleship of community members
  • Friendship Evangelism and living “Missionally”

For us, our life together in community is an essential part living out and sharing the Gospel. We believe that we are ‘loved into life’ – the abundant life promised by Jesus – as we develop warm, supportive and accepting relationships with God and with one another.

Being part of Lee Abbey is a job as well as a volunteering opportunity. It’s hard work. It can be tiring, but it can also be very rewarding – particularly as you see God working through you to impact others.

So it’s important that all community members, regardless of their area of work and responsibility, feel called to be part of this Christian community and that they engage in all aspects of community life.

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