Alumni Giving

Give back to the future of Lee Abbey London

the difference your money will make

Donations from alumni and friends will vastly improve our facilities and transform the experience of our residents. Your gift could help to fund the refurbishment of communal rooms, support a residential annual scholarship, or support a community member.

You can donate regularly online or host a fundraising event of your choice. Please sponsor your old room, or donate to our Bursary Fund for residents.

ana edited

Last year in Lee Abbey has been the best year in London. I would have never dreamt that I would meet so many kind, talented and hard-working people at one place. We created a lot of unforgettable memories which made our friendships so strong and I know they will last for a long time.

Lee Abbey did not just help me financially but shaped me into a more mature person who has the better image of her future. Lee Abbey represents much more than just the halls with delicious food and amazing facilities. The community accepts you just as you are and it teaches you how to be more generous, thoughtful and loving. That is what makes Lee Abbey so special and I will never forget the time I spent here.

Ana, Serbia, Lee Abbey London Bursary Student specialising in piano at the Royal College of Music

  • £20 could support our coffee machine

    Only £20 could support ongoing maintenance for our coffee machine for a year – you loved our coffee bar and the chance to make new friends!

  • £100 could support your old bedroom

    As you know, having a room to come home to is so important for our residents so please support the cost of maintaining a bedroom for a year.

  • £500 could support the Café

    The café is one of our most popular social areas, which allows plenty of opportunities for residents to get together with friends. Please support the costs of maintaining the café for a year.

  • £3,000 could support the garden

    Our private garden at the rear provides a place of tranquility and calm in a bustling city. Please give towards continual care of our garden for a year.

  • £24,000 could support three residential annual bursaries

    Many residents have benefited from our generous Bursary fund, without which their studies would not be possible. A cost of £24k will fund 3 annual bursaries to allow residents to live and study at Lee Abbey London for a year.

  • £1,000,000 could support the refurbishment of two of our six houses

    Please support essential improvements of two of our houses for a year. By making a donation today, you will help to build the future of Lee Abbey London, and ensure a rewarding experience for our current residents and for those in the future.

*Lee Abbey London is a registered recipient with Stewardship, which has set up a giving account for our support. You can donate gifts to the Lee Abbey London fundraising campaign via Stewardship.