Share Your Story – Daniel

Share Your Story – Daniel

My name is Daniel and I am from Spain. I came to London a few months ago to course my undergraduate in Trombone and Composition in the Royal College of Music.

After a sudden change in my economic status, I found myself in a situation of having to request help from my education centre (RCM). The next day, all my problems disappeared when I received an e-mail from this great institution. They offered me just what I needed, an accommodation scholarship.

Since the moment I entered Lee Abbey London, I felt that my life was going to change, and I felt that this place was like home. Since I live here, I have all my time for myself and my studies. I do not need to work, and I am living in an international student ambience. Every day, I learn new things about new cultures and I make new friends. Very often, I feel that my multicultural friends here will be very important throughout my life.

The facilities are incredible, I can compose my music and practice as many hours as I want in the music practice rooms and, I can spend great times and relax in the Café and Games room. Every day, I pray for all these extraordinary people that I have met and for this fantastic organisation that has changed my life in such a good way.

I can only say thank you to people like you that are willing to help people like me, whose families do not have the enough economical resources to bring an opportunity like this to their sons.