Team Support


We do our best to provide an environment where students are encouraged to obtain their goals. Comfortable clean rooms and facilities with wholesome food are necessary ingredients for a productive life especially when coupled with sufficient space to relax. We have a social program for each term that includes trips to places of interest, talent nights and formal meals.

Each bedroom is connected to superfast broadband and a study room is available for those who for any reason are not able to study in their rooms.

When things get rough our Pastoral Assistant and senior members of staff can always be relied on to lend a sympathetic ear.

In addition. Lee Abbey is able to offer financial support to needy students in certain circumstances.

Residential Scholarship

Lee Abbey is able to offer either free or reduced price accommodation to al limited number of students within our accommodation in Lexham Gardens either for 1 term, or one academic year, depending on need and availability of funds.

Download Residential Scholarship application form

Hardship Fund

The Lee Abbey Hardship Fund is primarily available to help any full-time student who has been a resident at Lee Abbey for at least 1 academic year and is still booked in for at least 1 more full term, who is experiencing financial difficulty.

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Lee Abbey is a Church of England (Anglican) foundation and is staffed by a Christian community whose members are drawn from many Christian traditions. The community includes members from Anglican, Baptist, Coptic, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic, Lutheran and other Protestant churches.

We accept residents and guests of all religious faiths and none and encourage them to continue the practise of their religion while they are with us. London is a multi-cultural and multi-faith city in which one is never very far from a place one can worship.

Welcome Week

At Lee Abbey your welfare is of vital importance to us. At the start of the academic year we organise a “welcomes week” to help you settle in. At events like the Welcome Dinner you will have the opportunity to meet and socialise with other students as well as the staff of Lee Abbey.

During Welcomes Week, we also arrange for the local community liaison officer from the Metropolitan Police to come and give a presentation to students on keeping safe in London. This is always greatly appreciated by students who are new to this city.

Throughout the year you are always welcome to ask any member of our community for assistance, and in particular, our Pastoral Missioner, Ruth McHardy is available to listen and help with any personal matters.

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