The health and well-being of our residents,workforce and visitors is our top priority.We are closely following government guidelines and implementing various safety measures to protect everyone thus minimising the risk of the spread of the infection. Mask are to be worn by all residents. No visitors are allowed in the building until further notice.

It is our aim to provide the most up-to-date information on how we’re responding to the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the stringent measures we have put in place in line with our COVID-19 Policy Statement. We will endeavour to amend our procedures to reflect any changes to regulations as they arise.

Key measures include:


  • Servery Queue: A tape has been laid out demarcating  2m distance between those waiting in the queue.
  • Reception: A screen is installed in our reception area and a tape has been laid out demarcating 2 m distance between the receptionists and those waiting in the lobby.
  • Servery and Main kitchen:
    •  Sneeze screens have been installed. The number of people working on Kitchen and Servery teams has been reduced to facilitate social distancing in these areas.
    • Masks are worn when laying out and serving food.
    •  Self service has been replaced with a staffed food service system.
  • Dining Room:
    • The tables and chairs in the dining room have been rearranged to enable 2m distance between diners when seated.
  • Café:
    • The sofas, chairs, coffee tables and table in the café have been rearranged to enable 2m distance between people when seated for meetings and events.
  • Musicians and Worship Leaders:
    • Worship leaders have been given their own microphones.



  • Multiple hygiene stations have been laid out to facilitate hand washing and sanitisation.
  • Signs have been erected throughout the building to encourage and instruct effective hand washing and sanitisation.
  • Masks, gloves and other PPE have been purchased and made available to the teams in the house with instruction on effective use.



  • A COVID-19 information zone has been erected in the lobby.
  • A dedicated email address for all COVID-19 related queries.
  •  Regular emails are sent to communicate the government guidelines to all residents and staff.
  •  Further reinforcement happens verbally in weekly staff and community meetings.



  • Working from home and avoiding public transport has been facilitated and encouraged wherever possible.
  • Contractor visits have been reduced to essential visits only and where possible, bedrooms are to be avoided.
  •  The Health and Safety Committee meet daily to discuss the effectiveness of these measures.


We understand that the current situation will be causing uncertainty. Please be assured that we will regularly keep you updated as new information is made available and further details from the UK Government has been confirmed. We’ve also created a video on our Covid-19 measures.

If you have any questions, please email us at