Being A Community beyond these walls and beyond your stay

Join us for our 60th anniversary celebration in August!

We’re a community that goes on and on

As people have come through our doors and then moved on to new things, most of our students and staff have experienced a similar feeling on leaving. They’ve all felt that they aren’t really leaving. Once you’re a member of this family, you’re always a member of this family.

Many of our alumni have gone on to achieve extraordinary things and we would love to find out what you are doing now. Once a year we are planning to reconnect by inviting everyone back to Lee Abbey London. Sign up to our Alumni Community to receive our newsletter and details of other future events.

Become an Ambassador

As a valued member of our Alumni Community, would you like to help us reconnect with other Alumni, share news and publicise events like our online musicals and Lee Abbey London talks?

Contact us to become an Ambassador…

Help us raise funds

Lee Abbey London needs to raise a considerable amount of money, and we would appreciate the help of our wonderful Alumni and Ambassadors!

For example, we need to replace 153 windows at Lee Abbey London, which will cost £460,000. We are looking for supporters to adopt a window by making a donation equivalent to the cost of the window. In return, we will put a named plaque on or near the window in recognition of their generosity, which they can see on their next visit.

We also need to raise £3.5 million in the next 3-5 years to upgrade our residence to a more modern standard, vastly improving our facilities and transforming the experience of our residents.

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Share your ideas

Please feel free to suggest other ways you would like to reconnect with Lee Abbey London. We encourage your creativity and ideas to help grow our Alumni Community.